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After completing my matric, I attended Rand Afrikaans University (RAU) (now University of Johannesburg), and was set to go into the field of Biokinetics.

It was during my years at university that I was accidentally thrown into the tourism industry by a friend who urgently needed German speaking tour guides. During my vacations I would go on long tours through South Africa, and I have to say that this experience contributed to my passion for what I do!

I completed my BA HMS (Human Movement Science) in 1988, but decided that the only career I ever wanted to pursue was selling our gorgeous country!

I love interacting with people, educating them about our country and the magnificent properties that we represent.




I started in the travel industry in 2002, having returned from living abroad for several years. I worked as a retail travel agent in a big consortium group, and quickly moved into retail management.

Needing change I ventured into the wholesale aspect of the company, and started on the consulting side again to enable myself to understand the intrinsic operations of it. I worked within the leisure and corporate division, which differ substantially from retail.

Shortly thereafter, I moved into management again, and eventually settled into product management/ contracting for the Indian Ocean Islands division – which I thoroughly enjoyed. After nine years with the company – which I owe so much of my passion for travel to – I decided it was time for change.

Fortunately an opportunity arose to work with Anke, whom I had worked closely with on the Constance properties portfolio. I take pride in working with such a well known and well respected brand, and am very grateful to be part of an amazing team.




After completing my matric in 2007, I went to do my advance diploma in Tourism Management at Centurion Academy. During my studies I started out as an office assistant at a tour operator, where I went on to become the reservations manager for a representation company with hotels based in the Indian Oceans.

During that time I went on few educationals which included places like Zanzibar, Madagascar, Kenya, and Mozambique. I had a wonderful time exploring these countries and learned a lot from each experience. I also got the chance to meet a lot of great people, one of which is Sue Howells.

I worked in tourism for about 3 years, when I decided I want to pursue my BA degree in Industrial Psychology. In 2015 I graduated from UNISA with honours and now I have the opportunity to work as a personal and marketing assistant for African Synergy.

I love being outdoors, reading and spending quality time with the people I love. Being a part of the African Synergy team is a great honour and privilege, especially assisting Anke and Sue in providing top-notch service to their clients and suppliers. Adventure awaits…

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I ended up in this wonderful industry purely by chance. After high school, I wanted to go and "find myself" working in a pub in the UK like everyone else at that time. Unfortunately or I will rather say fortunately the quota of school leavers running to London for that year were exceeded (which I am sure was somehow influenced by my parents). So it meant last minute registration at the University of Pretoria, with only the​ choice between doing a Law degree or a BCom specialising in Tourism (Only two degrees that still had some space available at that time). The coin landed on Tourism and that's where my adventure started. After obtaining my degree, I started as a night auditor at a four star hotel, then I got into tour operating, starting as a junior travel consultant and working my way up to becoming a product and marketing manager (thanks to a bit of part time studying focusing on the marketing side).

​During​ this time I had the oppertunity to travel all over the world, especially the African continent and the Indian Ocean islands. I was given the opportunity to move to the supplier side, selling and marketing hotels & resorts in Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. This gave me the opportunity to stay in the industry I love and in contact with all the fantastic people I have met on the way. This led me to African Synergy, with its portfolio of beautiful properties situated in the most scenic places of Southern Africa and the Constance Hotels & Resorts with their luxurious resorts and hotels. Other than the unbelievable portfolio African Synergy has, it has a team of people that are well known in the industry for their friendliness, honesty and passion. I am really honored to be part of the African Synergy team and being associated with such a great brand and portfolio. 

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