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At last our new development, "Fordoun Farm Village" is complete and up and running and we could not be happier or prouder with the results. Now the challenge is to fill the events venue! Luckily this has already been happening, purely through word of mouth. Our launch of this superb new facility coincided with the launch by VW of their new Caddy vehicle - what perfect timing! VW apparently tries to utilise fresh new venues when launching their products and this was one of the reasons why they chose Fordoun.

It was a massive compliment to us when they left after a highly successful event and informed us that we would be seeing them again and that a new venue would not be required the next time! The VW launch was followed by our first wedding at the same venue. It was a mad rush to get everything ready in time; however the success of this special day was an affirmation of why we have already made so many wedding bookings. For me it was a delight to see the groomsmen enjoying a game of cricket the day before the wedding on the field in front of the venue. The bride also arranged for the groom’s favourite band, Good Luck, to perform as a surprise, so we now know the venue can also be successfully used for live concerts!

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