From the Field

Balance. Molori Safari gets the balance perfectly between chic extravagance and a genuinely homely experience. Many try, many fail, but Molori excels.

Here's how they do it...  

The staff 

The harmony of Africa embraces you as you arrive at Molori. Every staff member welcome you with song and dance and wide smiles. You can feel during your stay that the staff love their jobs, and are so very proud to be working at Molori. 

I watched as they made every guest, including myself feel like a celebrity, but always so humbly subtle and gentle in how they do it. That is an art, that few get right.


Wildlife experience

Jerry was the captain of our Wildlife experience, and no better captain has steered my safari experience. There was nothing that we asked that he was not capable of giving an in-depth reply to, always related with passion and excitement. What an asset! We were graced by two cheetah during our drives, amongst many other encounters,  but most memorable is our Sundowner drinks visitor, a curious rhino who decided to keep us company whilst we soaked up one of Africa's notorious sunsets with a G&T in hand, I will never forget that moment for the rest of my life.



Ooh la la... the excitement of waiting for what Craig (their head chef) or Jacques (their sous chef) have up their culinary sleeves for our next meal, plus discovering where our next dining experience will be hosted. So many deliciously private spaces waiting to be sampled at each meal...  there is nothing they haven't thought of! Pair the private dining splendour with exceptional flavours exploding from Craig's culinary art and wine offering.... and I am officially in Molori heaven.



What would you choose to do first in your suite at Molori? A) Sit on your deck and watch the elephants and zebras having an afternoon drink from the Molori Waterhole B) Soak up the Springtime vibes in your rather large private pool C) Flop into your cloudlike king size bed with all the retractable glass doors tucked away snoozing to the Buzz of Africa D) Sit in your private lounge with a glass of chilled Chardonnay and snack on some of their homemade biltong or E) All of the above please!!


The New Whisky Hide 

The New Molori Pieces de Resistance.... the coolest idea since Aircon's were invented!  We got to check out the brand new Molori Hide & Whiskey Bar. The animals grace the waterhole none the wiser of our human presence, allowing us to be as close as 3 meters away from a herd of thirsty elephants, a very skittishly cute yet very parched mongoose enjoying a welcomed refresher, a zebra sporting nature's latest shade of green lipstick (totally organic, of course!)  (see image below) and the quintessential. 



Hands down, Molori Safari deserves the title of being known as one of the most exclusively chic yet unbelievably homely lodges in Africa.